Pria & Tracey
Pria & Tracey

Los Cabos Aqui Vamos

Pria Stellmacher
Tracey Kibler

#She loved my last name so, I had to Stell-Marc-Hers
August 21st 2022
Los Cabos Mexico
93 Days
1 Hours
55 Minutes


Pria and Tracey first crossed paths during a night out on the town in DC. When Pria first saw Tracey, she knew she could not allow the night to end without storing her number into Tracey’s phone. The very next day, the two were re-introduced to each other at a pool party. From the look in Pria’s and Tracey’s eyes their anticipation to want to see each other again was very evident.

Two weeks later Pria invited Tracey to join her and her family on a trip to Orlando, Florida. Tracey, who loves to travel and dared not to turn down a vacation, accepted her offer. Unsurprisingly, this trip led them to start dating. On October 22, 2015 the two became a couple. Tracey was captivated by Pria’s smile, intelligence, patience, style of communication, desire to travel and her work ethic. Pria was mostly intrigued by Tracey’s appearance, education, spontaneity and her kindness. 

As the year progressed, the two grew closer and couldn’t get enough of each other with every date night, impromptu travels, and lunch dates. Within the same year Pria and Tracey moved in together. In 2016 Pria surprised Tracey with their dog son Maximus Stellmacher. At this point, Pria had stolen her heart and Tracey knew she wanted her to have it! 

In 2019, Pria proposed to Tracey on the beach at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Tracey was completely blown away as she saw her dream start to unfold. Tracey and Pria were surrounded by their close friends when this magical moment manifested. Since then, the couple has purchased their first home and have been planning their dream wedding for the past two years. Pria and Tracey are electrified to see everyone in Los Cabos on August 21, 2022.