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it was Saturday afternoon the weekend after thanksgiving. I was at work and of course it was busy as hell. I get a FaceTime from Ashton and he asks if I’d like to go to dinner that night. Instantly I said yes because I had barely had time to eat at work that day! He said he would come pick me up and at first I was like why? I looked a mess my hair wasn’t done make up wasn’t the way I liked it. He was anxious to eat and driving to Middletown then back up north would have taken too much time. Fine. So after work Ashton came to get me and brought me clothes and shoes to wear so I changed and did my make up in the car on the way to dinner. We had reservations at Harry Savoy off marsh road. So good. We ordered a couple drinks our favorite appetizer and enjoyed our filets. Toward the end of our dinner I got up to use the rest room and on my way back (our booth was at the end) I tripped and fell flat out on the floor! I was mortified!! The entire restaurant looked at me and a few gentleman tried helping me up as I jumped up and literally rushed back to our booth. I said “oh my god Ashton I just fell in front of everyone.” He heard everything but missed the whole thing since he was facing the other side.. “that was you!” We both were cracking up! The waiter brings our tab and were talking then Ashton asks me to come on his side of the table. I wouldn’t get up. I was still so embarrassed! So eventually he gets up and comes over to me and were just talking and taking pictures. Then he asks me to be his wife and that’s when he pulled out my dream ring! Very intimate and perfect it was.