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Bethany is always bugging Ryan to go for walks down to her favourite scenic spot the Lagoon. 

Ryan just waited for Bethany to ask one day and he agreed to go. 

They walked down with Mya (Their beloved dog) on a sunny but cold day only to have their lives change forever. :)

After being at the lagoon for approx 15 minutes Bethany began feeling really cold due to the wind and decided to go up to the bush line

to warm up a bit. Ryan than yelled up to Bethany "Are you coming back down here?" 

Bethany responded "Yes if you want me to."

Ryan than yelled "Well do you want to get engaged here?"

Bethany laughed and said "Ya sure if you have the ring."

Ryan stated "Ok come here than."

Bethany walked back down thinking Ryan was completely joking and did not believe for one second he had the ring.

As Bethany approached Ryan he pulled out the box and began asking those 4 words every girl dreams of hearing. 


Bethany still in disbelief thought Ryan was pulling a prank and had an empty box, that is until he opened it and she

saw HER ring. 

Bethany was in shock but did not hestitate to say YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were very happy to have Mya be a part of our Engagement :)